Nearly forty years ago I thought I had given everything to the Lord Jesus Christ. But there was something I was holding back. Without knowing it, I had been living my life from orgasm to orgasm since I was a child and had first discovered the pleasure an orgasm brings. Even after I thought I had surrendered everything to the Lord, I had retained the orgasm as the god of my flesh, sowing and using the pleasure of the orgasm as a reward to my flesh that made it impossible for me to be totally committed to my Lord Jesus Christ. Until my wife of forty years divorced me about three years ago and I was forced to decide what to do with my orgasms now, I had never realized that the Lord Jesus Christ had tried to tell me all along that becoming an eunuch for the kingdom of heaven's sake could be the way I would finally grow up to be a man of God who could serve the Lord Jesus Christ the way He deserved to be served. Do you know why no one can bring more children of God into the world than eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's sake? And did you know those eunuchs might be just what the God war going on in this world today has been waiting for? If not, read what follows.


Neal Horsley


What Jesus Christ Said About Eunuchs

"For there are some eunuchs, which were so born from their mother's womb: and there are some eunuchs, which were made eunuchs of men: and there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it." (Mat 19:12)

As you can see from Strong's Greek concordance the word Jesus used was eunouchos, a castrated person, not the word for celibacy or the word for unmarried like Paul used when he was recommending against marriage:

So in the passage about eunuchs Jesus was not talking about people who decided to remain celibate as Catholic Priests once vowed to do, but Jesus was talking about men who had literally been deprived of the ability to produce and release sexual spermatozoa, the sperm of the man: castrated.

The distinction between unmarried men and eunuchs is enormously important in understanding what the Lord was trying to communicate. The reason eunuchs were chosen to be the guards in the harems of the ancient world was there was no danger that eunuchs could produce seed that would impregnate one of the women in the harem and introduce an alien seed into the king's family. Why? Because eunuchs could not produce spermatozoa, the seed with the power to impregnate women. Therefore eunuchs could be trusted. Obviously, men who were not eunuchs could not be trusted to be guards in the harem because no matter what vow they had taken or sanction they were threatened with, they were still not eunuchs and were one decision away from spreading sperm around the Potentate's harem the moment their libidos convinced them they could get away with giving their peni (or is it penises?) free rein.

The significance of this point cannot be overstated. In Matt. 19 it seems that Jesus was saying there is a special value in those who produced not sexual seed but seed of an entirely different type, the seed for the kingdom of heaven's sake. Listen to Isaiah and you will see that the Lord was simply reminding people of what had long been prophesied about the role of eunuchs in the kingdom of heaven: "...neither let the eunuch say, Behold, I am a dry tree. For thus saith the LORD unto the eunuchs that keep my sabbaths, and choose the things that please me, and take hold of my covenant; Even unto them will I give in mine house and within my walls a place and a name better than of sons and of daughters: I will give them an everlasting name, that shall not be cut off." (Isaiah 56:3-6)

To more fully understand what Jesus was saying about the eunuch, it is necessary to look closely at the meaning of his parables about the seed. There is a literal and integral link between the idea of the eunuch and the idea of the seed. In the flesh it is correct to say that a eunuch is a "dry tree"; but in the Lord the eunuch is not be so considered. In fact, in the Lord, the eunuch becomes the example of the seed that the Lord Jesus Christ Himself produced, seed that came not from the squiggly spermatozoa of man but from the mighty power of the Word of God.


But before we explore the role of the seed in the kingdom of heaven, I must give a disclaimer to put the remainder of this message in context.

I am no natural born eunuch. Even though today, March 14, 2011, I have been a eunuch for over three years, as you will see if you read what follows, being a eunuch for the kingdom of heaven's sake is the most unnatural thing I could have become.

Consider this: If it was not for my ex-wife deciding to divorce me after giving me three fine babies and 40 years of marriage, I would never have even begun to understand what it means to be a eunuch for the kingdom of heaven's sake.

And don't think my being married to the same woman for forty years is proof of my understanding of the sanctity of marriage and of God's attitude toward sexual matters. Before I was married to the forty-year wife, I was married to two other women for less than a year each and during that period of sexual licentiousness had many sexual liaisons, one of which resulted in a child out of wedlock.

And if that isn't enough to prove I wasn't born a eunuch, if you google me you'll find thousands of people who gleefully point out that I am a Christian laughingstock because I admit once having sex with a mule. So when I say I never understood what Jesus meant by being an eunuch for the kingdom of heaven's sake, it's because being an eunuch is probably the farthest thing from my natural state.

But finally when I disclose one of the most shameful things I have ever done, you will see clearly how unlikely a candidate for eunuchdom I am.

About thirty years ago I gave my wife permission to have her tubes tied thereby closing the womb of my wife to additional children.

At the time, my wife had had three children and lost one through miscarriage. After our third child was born, my wife became convinced that she was not supposed to have any more children. She concluded she must not, was not supposed to, have additional children.

I know I was not the originator in our family of the thought of stopping having children. I wanted as many as God would give us. I was raised with the knowledge of a recent grandfather Horsley who had had 15 children and I had always admired that old man (I admit I hadn't thought much about the Grandmother Horsley who had cooperated with Grandfather Horsley in having such an admirable family).

Still when my wife decided she was not supposed to have more children I accepted her right to tell me the truth about her ability to have children; I believed her when she said she was not supposed to have any more children.

I believed my wife was in a position to tell me when she was supposed to stop having children because I believed she was in the best position to have access to the word of God about what her own body could take. No other person on the planet, not even her husband, was in a better position than herself to tell the truth about what God wanted from her body. If she was convinced that God did not want to have additional children, then I had to accept her analysis as the truth or I had to assume that I was in a better position to know the truth about her from outside her body than she was from inside her body. I knew it was preposterous for me to try to deny that my wife was in the best position to know when having another baby threatened her life so much that my wife, in self-defense, had the right to refuse to put herself in that place. I acknowledged that to her and admitted that she had to stop having children.

So I was faced with a choice, either we could have her tubes tied either chemically or manually, thereby closing her womb and making it impossible for her to have additional children, or what?

Here's why this story is directly about the orgasm and is about one of the most shameful things I've ever done: I literally never thought of the obvious second option. Which was? Which was for me to abstain from sexual intercourse with my wife and decide never to have an orgasm with her again.

I think now that thought never crossed my mind because I knew that there was no way I could be trusted to stop having orgasms, No matter how dangerous the situation for my wife, stop having orgasms was literally unthinkable for me. After all, I am the man who refused to vow to be faithful to my wife when I married her but retained the right to have sex with other women if I so chose because I was the prototypical pussy hound, the hound of the snatcherville. Even after I thought I had surrendered everything I had to the Lord Jesus Christ, there was something that I held back: The Orgasm. Even when I had told my wife that I would be faithful to her and thought that was all the Lord was asking from me, the thought never crossed my mind that the Lord might ask me to give up the orgasm.

Give up the orgasm? Even today, after all I've gone through, I still can see clearly how absurd such a thought would have appeared to me if I had ever thought it.

Which I hadn't. And that's the point. Giving up the orgasm even to protect the life of my wife was simply unthinkable.

In my wife's deepest mind I suspect she knew that was never an option and if she was going to protect herself from getting pregnant again, she needed to have her tubes tied. Even though she left the final decision up to me, I knew she was convinced getting her tubes tied was the only option that would prevent her from getting pregnant.

I had to agree. At the time, I saw no way to prevent my wife from becoming pregnant except for her to start taking birth control chemicals and take them until she passed child bearing age or to have her tubes tied. I saw no other option available to me.

So do I make the point clear? I was so addicted to the orgasm that the thought never crossed my mind that God might want me to stop having orgasms with my wife rather than have her tubes tied.

I now see that my surrender of the orgasm would have been an act of worship to God that would have glorified the Lord in my family. But my refusal to give up the orgasm to protect my wife was an act of selfishness that I now see is a perfect example of the power the orgasm has over even men like I was at the time who as far as I knew wanted to make the will of God be my own. But that act of selfishness with my family proves how the power of the orgasm had control of my own will so that I could not even think that the will of God might want me to surrender the orgasm.

After all, the defining characteristic of an eunuch is their inability to have an orgasm. And Lord knows that since discovering at a very early age the pleasure that came from massaging my penis, I had lived my life from orgasm to orgasm for about sixty years. I'm not exaggerating; the orgasm was to me like dope I had stashed away and the knowledge of my orgasm stash had the power to satisfy that deep insecurity any addict feels when they are removed from a supply of their drug of choice. The orgasm had been the pinnacle of pleasure that I had assumed was to be mine until I died. Even though I've not had an orgasm in over three years and although I've never even thought about tabulating my orgasms until I started writing this sentence, by now the number of my orgasms has to be in the thousands, probably approaching ten thousand. And I assure you that even though I've been living in an orgasm free zone for years, it's not because my penis has lost its mind or gone dry. Hardly a day goes by without my jake (that's the earliest name my mother early gave to my penis) reminding me he's still here.

So what's the point? Why am I belaboring the orgasm rap? If you continue reading, you will see proof that my wife's decision to divorce me was God's opportunity to show me how men alive today becoming eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's sake can be the way God teaches a world utterly confused about men of God what men of God look like up close and personal.

And there is no doubt the world is confused about men of God. On the one hand we have Catholic Priests who are well known to have taken a vow of chastity, buggering each other and buggering little boys and ravishing young maidens like the horniest Lothario's of history; and on the other hand we've got Muslim suicide bombers blowing themselves and everyone around them to smithereens so they can have access to some large number of virgins in heaven (which anyone who's spent much time around virgins knows would more likely be a picture of hell than of heaven).

So the disclaimer aside, it is in this context that God is now leading me to understand what Jesus Christ meant when He talked about eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's sake.

The Connection Between Incorruptible Seed and the Eunuch

Only a human being who is functionally illiterate or born without language skills will fail to see that when God talks about seed there is a clear connection between what God says about seed and what God says about the role of the eunuch for the kingdom of heaven's sake.

  • Gen 3:15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.
  • Mat 13:23 But he that received seed into the good ground is he that heareth the word, and understandeth it; which also beareth fruit, and bringeth forth, some an hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.
  • 1Pe 1:23 Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever.

Can you see how the eunuch becomes the paradigm for how good seed--not corruptible seed, but incorruptible--comes to earth? It is not through flesh but through the word of God that good seed is to be sent to our world. Since eunuchs cannot produce seed in the flesh, they become the perfect examples of men whose seed has to be the word of God to produce fruit if they are to produce fruit at all, much less incorruptible fruit.

All people naturally know that their own children are the fruit of their loins, fruit produced by their own seed. Even those who implant artificially yearn for their own seed to be the fruit bearers. That's because, by flesh, we naturally tend to think of our own children as the seed most favorable to the Lord.

But this is not what God means by good seed. Reread 1 Peter 1:23. Good seed is incorruptible seed, seed that will never die. All the children we produce by the flesh will die exactly like we will die. The children of the flesh are corruptible seed. Good seed, according to Holy Scripture is seed that will never die.

Because of this God made another way to pinpoint the seed that He was most concerned with. That's because in the flesh, no matter how wonderful our children might be, they are still not going to honor God unless they get a different kind of seed than we gave them in the beginning of their lives. The seed they must receive if they are to be able to avoid hell itself is the seed that is the Word of God. Ironically, a eunuch as the bearer of that seed that saves is a much better example of what the Lord Jesus Christ is trying to communicate about the unique seed that brings eternal life than a man and a woman writhing on a bed of pleasure trying to squeeze into existence the fruit of a human orgasm. So the Lord chose the eunuch to be the model of the person who brings the incorruptible seed. In fact the Lord Jesus Christ Himself modeled that role for eternity.

Most people think and teach that God would choose the marriage bed as the primary way of explaining the great mystery God is bringing to life. And of course the marriage bed is an important teaching tool. It is in the marriage, in Holy Matrimony, that the mystery of Christ and the Church is revealed. "For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh. This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church." (Eph 5: 31-32) And Paul refers to the same word for wife that he used in the Ephesians passage when he says about the woman in 1 Tim. 2:15, "...she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety."

So obviously bearing children is the essence of the job of the church. Nobody can deny that and have a scintilla of truth about them.

But the question is how is the seed transmitted that God uses to conceive the children the woman is to bear?

It is in the answer to that question that the eunuch for the kingdom of heaven's sake is intended by God to supply the answer to what might be the most important question any follower of Jesus Christ can ever ask.

I contend it is the eunuch that is to be the seed bearer God has ordained to people His Kingdom, both now and forever. I repeat: the eunuch is to be the true seed bearer.

But Christian men no longer even think about these matters, much less work to make themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's sake.

When Christian men fail to grasp the absolutely pivotal nature of their seed to the kingdom of heaven and begin to spread their seed without its rightful relation to the purpose of the kingdom of heaven--as you can see by looking around you yesterday, today and tomorrow--much evil occurs.

Marriage is a problem

Even though God intends to use the physical union between a man and a woman in marriage as a model for Christ and the Church, the Apostles also recognized that actual marriage between a man and a woman on earth was a grave source of difficulty. The Apostle Paul spoke most directly to the problem when he said, "1Co 7:33 But he that is married careth for the things that are of the world, how he may please his wife."

Given this message from the Apostle Paul it's easy to understand how for much of church history the church has focused on being unmarried as the distinguishing characteristic that set men apart for special service in the kingdom of God. Look at the Catholic church to see my point. Catholic Priests took a vow of celibacy. And

Definition of CELIBACY

: the state of not being married
a : abstention from sexual intercourse b : abstention by vow from marriage

But I'm convinced today that Christians literally missed the point God wants us to understand: A vow of chastity, a vow to not get married, a vow to abstain from sexual intercourse, does nothing to address the real problem those who are supposed to bear the seed of God to the world must face: that problem is the power of the orgasm that makes the temptation to orgasm one of the most powerful forces on earth.

The power of the orgasm is an uncontrollable force that only the eunuch is equipped to handle. It is only when a man realizes that he can no longer release any seed except the good seed of the kingdom of God that the man becomes equipped to bear that good seed. Until then, the man is a man like all the other men on earth, only one decision away from spewing bad seed as far as they can shoot it.

So even when a Catholic Priest submits a vow of chastity, they put themselves exactly in the shoes of a person who takes a vow of poverty: they are one decision away from violating their vow. See the point? Even when Christian men were trying to set them self apart for service to the Lord, yet ignored the real source of the sin--the power of the orgasm--that the Lord was trying to talk about when He talked about being eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven sake, they set themselves up for exactly the same debacle we see around us with Catholic Priests rutting like nymphos and Protestants squeezing out human children like chickens on an assembly line all the while thinking they are the state of the art Christians on earth when in fact the whole world knows they are addicted to the pursuit of pleasure over truth--the pursuit of the orgasm--like all the rest of the people on earth.

The Power of the Orgasm

Anyone who's ever had one, if they're honest, will amen Woody Allen's observation that the worst orgasm he ever had was wonderful. Nothing can curl the toes of the flesh better than an orgasm. On a scale of pleasure from one to ten the orgasm is an eleven.

And that's the point: because of access to sanitary facilities and because of idolizing the youth culture, more than at any time in history, the power of the orgasm is the temptation to sin and the temptation to sin is the power of the orgasm.

That which today seduces Christians into collaboration with the most heinous sins of the world is the power of the orgasm. Face it: we live in a world where the power of the orgasm is being celebrated around us just about every time we look around us. TV ads, pagan carnivals, rap songs, popular songs, films, even some Christian worship services and some school class rooms have become the places celebrating the reality of the power of the orgasm. As E. Michael Jones proves in his book Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation and Political Control, the orgasm has become the carrot that government is holding out to the world to keep the whole world in bondage to a Satanic government instead of the Kingdom of heaven.

And where logic would seem to lead us to see Christians as the people best equipped to battle this licentious age, watch what happens and you will see that Christians will be the first people who try to stop people from hearing the message I am bringing.

Among Christians there are few stronger taboos than the taboo against discussing the frank and explicit details of sexual behavior, a taboo which this article has already broken by shining a light on the power of the orgasm. As soon as I broke the Christian taboo against frank discussions of sexual matters, I incurred the wrath of most Christians in the USA. But that is not what will drive the hostility against me and my teachings.

Christian conventional wisdom says that the Lord wants Christians to ignore the sexual revolution that is occurring in this world. The logic of Christian conventional wisdom implies that the Lord Jesus Christ will be glorified if Christians are seen to be ignoring the blatant sexual boisterousness of this nation. Not only do I doubt that "Christian conventional wisdom" I am prepared to prove that such "wisdom" is the opposite of what the Holy Spirit of God is trying to communicate to the world. The Lord Holy Ghost is not about ignoring the truth, no matter how tawdry and evil and disgusting the truth might appear, because the Lord knows that Christians ignoring the truth does nothing to glorify the Lord. God knows that Christians ignoring that which is obvious to the rest of the world does nothing but make Christians ignorant. And ignorant Christians have been giving the Lord Jesus Christ a bad name for way too long.

The rest of the world is growing ever more conscious of sexual matters by the second. For Christians to ignore these facts is to prove Christians are, well, ignorant. I've been accused of a lot of things in my life, but ignorant has not been one of them.

But the fact is I was as ignorant of my orgasm addiction as a man could be. It is that capacity for unknown ignorance that Satan uses to keep this world in bondage.

The fact that I'm not ignoring my sin anymore should prove Lord Holy Ghost is still here trying to deliver us ignorant Christians from our sin.

On Mar 4, 2011 the Associate Press reported the following event at Northwestern University:

Can you imagine what was being demonstrated in that class room? A woman's ability to have an orgasm is my bet.

Obviously the Christian taboo against frank and explicit discussion of sexual matters has not spilled over into the classrooms of America's colleges. Much evidence exists to show the same thing can be said about America's high schools and grammar schools. So while the rest of the world is focusing attention on all the myriad details of sexual behavior on earth, the Christians are deciding their God wants them to separate themselves from the world by ignoring the obvious.

While secular education institutions and popular media institutions trumpet licentious sexual behavior to the high heavens (Jimmy Kimmel interviewed Cameron Diaz, the actress, about her enjoyment of porn, especially when she was traveling staying in the nation's hotels) Christians literally are ignoring what is happening around them. Even the few Christians who try to actively resist things like abortion go ballistic when they are put in a position to consider the relationship that pornography has with abortion by actually having to look at the pornography in this nation today. In the same way, the vast majority of Christians who say they are opposed to legalized abortion will do everything in their power not only to not look at the mutilated evidence that humans are being legally slaughtered in this nation, they will go out of their way to turn the people showing them the evidence into the same category of sinner that they put the abortionists and pornographers in. This inability--or unwillingness--to distinguish people using the pictures of the aborted babies to stop abortion from people actually creating the abortions is why the vast majority of Christians can be truthfully accused of being involved in the ministry of ignorance in the United States of America.

The remainder of this article, and in fact my entire life as a Christian teacher is predicated upon the idea that the Holy Spirit of God does not intend for adults to ignore anything that is germane to the duty to serve Him.

But not only will this article be seen to violate the Christian taboo against discussing sexual matters, this article will be perceived by Christians to be my most offensive assault on Christians in a career of assaults on Christians because it is exposing the orgasm addiction in the Christian churches today.

The Christian Orgasm Addiction

To see how powerful the Christian orgasm addiction has become watch how violently Christian men will resist facing their addiction. Denial is the first line of defense for the addict and never has denial more powerfully controlled Christian churches than in the world today. In this, Christians mirror the world.

What every person reading this must see is that I am saying, and intend to prove, that people on earth have become addicted to the orgasm in the same way a heroin addict is addicted to heroin. And I'm not talking about pagan unbelievers alone; I'm talking about Christians and Muslims and Jews; I'm talking about everybody: we've all become orgasm addicts. I know this because, like most of what God has taught me about sin, nobody has been more of an orgasm addict than me. I have done that which I learned was sin and have been given the grace of God to be delivered from it.

Am I saying that the orgasm is evil? No, that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying what Jesus said, that there are some men who are called to be Eunuchs for the Kingdom of heaven's sake. I'm saying there has never been a time in human history when such men of God are more needed to show people the truth about God's plan for human sexuality. Only the Eunuchs for God will be equipped to learn and teach the lesson that this world needs now more than ever, the message about how to bear good seed on earth.

The orgasm has always been about producing seed on earth. The orgasm is literally the method through which literal human seed is expressed, is served forth on earth. The seed of the man has the power to create human life. But the seed of the woman is that life as well. The difference between the seed of the man and the seed of the woman is orgasm is not required to produce the seed of the woman--the woman's seed is produced through birth itself. Orgasm is not required to produce the seed that Jesus called the good seed, that Peter called the "incorruptible seed..." It is that truth that led Paul to utter an otherwise incomprehesible statement: "...the woman will be saved through child bearing..."

But orgasm is the method through which the seed of the man is produced. So to bring the orgasm under control is to bring the entire birth process under control, to control the well at the well head.

Never has that control been more needed on earth. Human beings have literally legalized the slaughter of unwanted babies produced by the seed of the man, seed that was decreed by God to become the seed of the woman. If the woman does not want to bear that seed, the world has given her the "right" to murder that seed.

But instead of Christian men controlling the orgasm, as would seem to be the obvious response to this onslaught of murder, Christian men have themselves joined the worldwide celebration of the orgasm. Christian men take their ministry as one of having as many children as possible, proving thereby their refusal to restrain their orgasms. Or conversely Christian men bring birth control chemicals into their families which allow them to have unrestrained orgasms on demand. If those chemicals are abortifacients, the Christian family becomes a link in the chain of abortion across the land, and if not, the Christian men still become a member of the army of orgasmers who make up this generation of Christian men, old and young.

Christian or pagan, men across the world spew forth their seed even though death instead of life will be the result.

Women know all about what is going on here today because women have always known the power they had to provide men with the pleasure of the orgasm. It was this power that women have relied on to maintain order on earth for millennia. Today that power has been utilized by women to perpetuate legalized abortion.

Where it is obvious why pagan women would use the power of the orgasm to maintain their access to what they call "safe and legal abortions", it has not been revealed how Christian women use the same power to prevent Christian men from abolishing legalized abortion.

Until now.

Historically Christian men have been willing to go to war to establish God's law if they had a fighting chance to do so.

All the pacifist Christian theology aside, it is obvious that Christian men from the earliest days of the church have not only been willing to fight to the death but have chosen that method rather than be massacred without defense. Eusebius tells of Christian Soldiers who fought rather than be executed for their faith. While the resistance of the earliest Christian warriors always resulted in their death since they were fighting against the overwhelming power of Caesar, still some Christian men chose to fight rather than surrender to tyranny.

As the centuries passed, the story of history shows that Christian men choosing to fight to the death in defense of what they perceived to be the will of God became the rule rather than the exception.


History is replete with examples of how Christian men have responded in the past when government began to murder the God's children whose only crime was trying to be who God made them to be. Jesus went to the cross to fight tyranny; Paul went to Rome to fight tyranny; the Apostles died to fight tyranny; the Protestant Reformation went to War; the American Revolution was about fighting tyranny to the death.

Like the examples I cited, the responses of Christian men in the past to such government injustice and tyranny range from passive resistance that caused the martyrdom of large numbers of Christians like in the ancient church of the first two centuries AD to full scale war against the murdering government like in the Reformation Era.

The point is that History shows that the response of Christian men took the form of whatever was expedient that would force the government to stop murdering the people God authorized Christian men to protect.

But not today. Christian men today do what the women who control them tell them to do, especially when it comes to legalized abortion. No longer is expediency the standard that God uses to guide men of good faith to resist tyranny. Women have dictated the Christian response to legalized abortion from the day it was legalized until today and Christian women have proved they believe it is expedient to tolerate legalized abortion forever if going to war to stop it is the only alternative. Because Christian women control the abortion resistance in the USA, not a word is heard about the need to go to war to stop this legalized war against the unborn.

That's because women have never wanted to go to war even to correct the most horrible tyrannies ...unless those tyrannies threatened the women. Today, legalized abortion which is begging men to go to war to stop it, threatens no live woman. In fact legalized abortion gives women the illusion they are being freed from tyranny. It is that illusion among women that not only makes them prevent their men from even thinking about going to war to stop legalized abortion, but makes Christian women walk in lock step with the abortion industry by perpetuating legalized abortion. This article provides the evidence so you can see how Christian women have become the bedrock foundation of pro-choice abortion in the USA.

Throughout history there has always been a reluctance among Christians to go to war because the New Testament history of the Church showed the Apostles exercising the passive resistance strategy against government that had become the murderer of people God had chosen to live. Enough Christians willing to fight to give war a fighting chance to win had to be seen before it could be acknowledged to be expedient for Christians to go to war rather than be passively slaughtered in fulfillment of their duty to God.

Ironically, it is a woman, Mary, Queen of Scots, who provides the best example from history showing how Christian women try to stop war. Queen Mary's debate with the Scottish Christian, John Knox, provides a perfect example of a government that claims to be Christian yet refuses to grant that Christians have right to go to war in defense of God on earth.

The entire interview between John and Mary is published here and is worth reading, but this is the relevant portion for the subject at hand:

Queen Mary: "Yea, but none of these men [the apostles] raised the sword against their princes."

John Knox: "Yet, Madam, ye can not deny that they resisted, for those who obey not the commandments that are given, in some sort resist."

Queen Mary: "But yet, they resisted not by the sword?"

John Knox: "God, Madam, had not given them the power and the means."

Queen Mary: "Think ye that subjects, having the power, may resist their princes?"

John Knox: "If their princes exceed their bounds, Madam, no doubt they may be resisted, even by power. For there is neither greater honor, nor greater obedience, to be given to kings or princes, than God hath commanded to be given unto father and mother. But the father may be stricken with a frenzy, in which he would slay his children. If the children arise, join themselves together, apprehend the father, take the sword from him, bind his hands, and keep him in prison till his frenzy be overpast: think ye, Madam, that the children do any wrong? It is even so, Madam, with princes that would murder the children of God that are subjects unto them. Their blind zeal is nothing but a very mad frenzy, and therefore, to take the sword from them, to bind their hands, and to cast them into prison, till they be brought to a more sober mind, is no disobedience against princes, but just obedience, because it agreeth with the will of God."

At these words, the Queen stood as it were amazed, more than the quarter of an hour. Her countenance altered, so that Lord James began to entreat her and to demand, "What hath offended you, Madam?"

At length she said: "Well then, I perceive that my subjects shall obey you, and not me. They shall do what they list, and not what I command; and so must I be subject to them, and not they to me."

John Knox: "God forbid that ever I take upon me to command any to obey me, or yet to set subjects at liberty to do what pleaseth them! My travail is that both princes and subjects obey God. Think not, Madam, that wrong is done you, when ye are willed to be subject to God. It is He that subjects peoples under princes, and causes obedience to be given unto them. Yea, God craves of Kings that they be foster-fathers to His Church, and commands Queens to be nurses to His people. This subjection, Madam, unto God, and unto His troubled Church, is the greatest dignity that flesh can get upon the face of the earth; for it shall carry them to everlasting glory."


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Here's Why the Christian Response to Legalized Abortion has been a Feminine Pacifist Response for the last 38 years.

Christian Eunuch Graffiti

The remainder of this article will explain why the graffiti image above is true. Even though that picture is worth a thousand words, still more words are necessary because you don't see the thousands of unborn babies being legally butchered each day in this nation and no graffiti can reveal them. You can't see the babies being butchered around you today because Christian women don't want you to see them. Christian women know that if Christian men ever really saw them for who they are--ever really saw what was happening to the unborn babies and to the God who created those babies--the ruling consensus of Christian women would lose control of you and you would go to war to stop legalized abortion if that is what is necessary.

For that reason Christian women are doing everything in their power to keep their men from facing the truth about legalized abortion, and because of the power women wield through their vaginal vortex it will probably take Eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's sake to resist the power of the women and rise up in defense of God's Law.

If you doubt this analysis, look at how Christian women control the pro-life movement.


From the beginning of the pro-life movement Christian women took responsibility for opening and running Christian Crisis Pregnancy Centers. In so doing those Christian women made themselves the authorities, the true controlling personnel, determining the Christian response to legalized abortion in this nation.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPC) exist in virtually every city in the nation. CPCs in every town from Carrollton, Georgia's 20000 souls to New York City 10,000,000 literally provide the actual people who do the actual work of the vast majority of abortion resistance that can be seen to actually divert mothers from butchering their babies. With the exception of a few sidewalk counselors outside abortion clinics, all the rest of the pro-life movement is just show business--public relations, media dressing.

Those CPCs define the methods the pro-life movement has always used in dealing with legalized abortion in this nation. Not only do Christian women define the methods in the thousands of CPC's, they write the script that becomes the conventional wisdom of Christians regarding legalized abortion in this nation. If you want to know where the words come from that attempt to convince pregnant women that they don't want to kill their babies, look to the unofficial but totally dominant heads of the Crisis Pregnancy Centers across this nation.

And the people writing the Christian pro-life script in those Crisis Pregnancy Centers are women. Even if some CPCs have men as nominal leaders, it's easy to see why those men are figureheads and why the women actually working in Crisis Pregnancy Centers are actually in charge. Legalized abortion is finally about women, not about men. In fact, to the women in crisis pregnancies men are the ones who created the problem. So women are the people in the CPC's who are actually in direct contact with the pregnant females to whom the pro-life movement claims to be ministering. Not only are men perceived to be the problem that many of the women are trying to solve, men can hardly be expected to be as effective in counseling a female in the midst of an unwanted pregnancy as women. Thus women came to be the authoritative voice of experience that spoke to the entire Christian pro-life movement for the last 38 years of legalized abortion in the USA.


There is a chain of CPC's in New Jersey that can be seen to be a representative of all Christian CPCs. The following video shows the image CPCs present to pregnant females. shows the typical message that is provided by Crisis Pregnancy Centers. Listen closely and you will see that not one word is said about the baby who might be killed in legalized abortion. Every syllable stated shows that it is only the mother's welfare that is the focus of the Crisis Pregnancy Centers. Yet CPC's are the acknowledged leaders both intellectually, morally and spiritually of the entire Pro-life movement. In such a context, is it any wonder that the unborn babies are not protected when the Christians who are in the best position to understand the plight of the unborn babies focuses exclusively on the mothers without any hint that there is a person on the verge of being murdered? tells us what a Crisis Pregnancy Center is: "A pregnancy center is a local non-profit agency designed to help those facing an unplanned pregnancy situation. All services are free and confidential.

On this web site you can chat with a counselor or email for guidance if you have an unwanted pregnancy," the ad concluded.

This kind of service would be the most helpful Christian ministry on earth if abortion was illegal. But when the unborn child is ignored by Christian ministers and the mother is made to feel like even Christians acknowledge their RIGHT to murder their baby if they so choose, then the greatest imaginable confusion is created on earth.

If abortion was illegal, the ministry of the law would be in effect. Everyone would be being taught by government that abortion was the murder of an unborn human being and people who decided to do that would be treated like murderers are treated: they would be arrested, prosecuted and punished for their crime.

But when abortion is legal, and acknowledged either tacitly or explicitly by Christians be be legal, then horrible confusion against the message of God to the world is Christians!

If abortion was illegal, with this knowledge of the inevitable punishment facing those who decided to kill their babies in view, then the mothers who contacted Crisis Pregnancy Centers could be treated with the total respect and kindness mothers deserve who had been faced with a terrible choice about dealing with a life and death situation and, faced with that choice, had chosen life. In the background everyone would know that the law had done its part: defined the sin that had to be deterred by government. Yet the fact that abortion was illegal would not change one iota the attitude of the Christians who were ministering to the mothers in crisis pregnancy.

But when abortion is legal, treating mothers as if they are the prime, or only focus of Christian ministry is one of the most confusing ministry decisions ever made on earth. In a situation where two people, the mother and her unborn child, need help Christian women have decided to focus exclusively on the mother even to the extent that if the expectant mother decides to murder her child after receiving Christian counseling, the Christians do nothing to prevent that murder.

Imagine a similar situation with any other category of murderer on earth. Imagine that the potential murderer had not made up his or her mind to kill their intended victim and came to a Christian Priest or Christian Pastor or Christian counselor for guidance as to what to do about the terrible, fateful decision the prospective murderer faced.

Now imagine that after the Christian had counseled the prospective murderer not to murder the victim the person being counseled made it plain they were going to murder their victim anyway. Would the Christian counselor be justified in maintaining the privacy of the confessional? Or would the counselor become culpable in the impending murder unless the counselor did what was necessary to stop the murder?

The right to life of the intended victim would demand that the Christian counselor intervene by contacting law enforcement to do its job and stop the impending murder.

But from the earliest days of the pro-life movement, Christians focused on two victims: the unwanted baby who was slated to be aborted and the mother who was having an unwanted pregnancy. The significance of this two-pronged focus is the key to understanding the response of Christians to legalized abortion in the USA. But pay close attention and you will see that one of the victims that most Christians acknowledged was effectively ignored when the aborting mothers became the de facto ministry focus of Christians rather than the babies whose lives were in imminent danger of murder.

The reason the churches did this is obvious: Abortion had been made legal in the USA and for the churches to treat the aborting mothers like the murderers they are under God's law would have cast the churches into a direct adversarial relationship with the federal government of the United States of America, with overturning the evil federal law defined by Christian churches as the goal of the Christian ministry.

It would not have been unprecedented for Christian churches to take that role. Constitutional Amendments like the one prohibiting the sale and use of alcohol had been accomplished in the past by Christians working in concert. But this did not happen with legalized abortion.

Instead for 38 years legalized abortion has become so enshrined in law that today any woman who wants to kill her baby can do so until the moment some part of her child being born emerges from her birth canal.

In order to accept this response from Christians, Christian churches developed a theology that made the murdering mother a victim. Repeat: For the first time in human history the Christian churches developed a theology that defined the murderer as a victim of the murder. Not only that, the other victim of the murder, the child being murdered, was accepted by Christians as collateral damage created by the abortion law. And instead of designing the ministry of the churches to abolish the law that gave license to murder the unborn child, for the first time in history the ministry of the churches was designed to serve the murderer before the murderer was arrested and brought to justice.

As a man who was led by the Lord to work in prison ministry for years, I learned much about the relationship of God to people involved in horrible lawbreaking. From the time the Lord transferred me to the ministry of government about 25 years ago by choosing me to fight to abolish legalized abortion or die trying the knowledge of the fundamental error of the strategy of the pro-life movement in thinking they could minister to a murderer before the murderer was arrested either by the threat of the law or the actual arrest of the law has been my guiding insight into the failure of the pro-life movement, the insight that explains this article.

American Criminal Justice System Forced Christians To Condone Murder

Obviously law enforcement cannot be expected to help the Christian counselor in the United States of America today.

And that is the point. Unless Christians make it a priority to force law enforcement to enforce God's law, Christians enter into an alliance with outlaws against God's law.

That has to be the most confusing situation that a Christian can find them self in and still claim to be a Christian.

There is no confusion if the person claiming to be a Christian admits that their decision to cooperate with people who are defying the law of God means they are no Christians at all. But if the Christian continues to present them self as a Christian there is no escaping the fact that such a person becomes a textbook example of what a Christian hypocrite looks like up close and personal.

The Christian lapsi in the ancient churches confronted the same delimma when they were forced to call Caesar Lord or else be thrown to the lions. Some Christians became martyrs; other Christians earned the name of lapsi

In the United States of America today, there is no clearer parallel to the delimma facing the ancient church than the situation of legalized abortion.

This parallel exists because each and every Christian is an integral part of the mechanism of government that in the ancient church was embodied in the person of Caesar. It is a historical fact that the United States of America raised up we the people to the position Caesar once occupied on earth. And just as in the case of Caesar we either establish and enforce the law of the Lord Jesus Christ or we are anti-Christ, utterly alien to the commonwealth of God, just as Caesar was alien to the commonwealth of God until Caesar got saved and began to serve God by making government reflect the law of God.

But Christian women act as if they can be Caesar without enforcing God's law. They act like their only concern as Christians is to serve the women struggling with the terrible decisions that have to be made in an unplanned pregnancy when an unwanted child has been created in the womb of the mother.

Only inherent double-mindedness of women could explain the women's decision to ignore the plight of the child should the pregnant mother decide to ignore the ministry advice offered by the Christian Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

When the ministry of the gospel fails to deter murder, God is not impotent; God is not defeated by outlaws. God is left with the ministry of government. But, as is shown by the Christian Crisis Pregnancy Centers, when women control both the gospel ministry and government, government fails in its primary job of deterring criminals.

Why do Christian women do this? Only God knows, but I have a theory.

1. Christian women identify themselves so much with the women's rights movement that they do not see how the selfishness inherent in the women's rights movement has corrupted Christian women's relationship with the Lord; 2. Christian women fail to see that acknowledging God's Right to be the only Will that determines whether an unborn child lives or dies is a--if not the--fundamental attribute that defines God as The Creator.

Women, especially Christian women, are probably going to fight me tooth and nail on this but I now am convinced that legalized abortion continues in the USA because the vast majority of women, including Christian women, are pro-choice--believe women have the right to choose to kill their unborn baby if they don't want that baby.

And I'll tell you why I believe this is true. The ability to abort an unwanted baby is the key to a woman being able to commit herself to the jobs once only men could do, to the jobs that required real continuity, the jobs that did not allow a nine month, or a six month hiatus to bring a baby into the world. At a certain level, even the females who have taken their job as having babies understand that the evolution of the role of women on earth, the evolution of the women's rights movement requires women to be seen to be able to do anything a man can do, up to and including fighting in a war if that becomes necessary.

So I'm saying legalized abortion is all about women's rights.

Now obviously that's no new insight. That's what feminists have been saying long before Roe v. Wade.

But what is not so obvious is what I'm saying about Christian women. The reason legalized abortion continues 38 years after Christians began announcing that the legalization of abortion created the hugest theological delimma in the history of Christianity is because Christian women identify with the women's rights movement more than they identify with God the Creator.

Theories aside, one fact is obvious: Christian women have failed to defend the lives of millions of unborn babies over the last 38 years just as Christian men have failed. History has already given credit to the women's rights movement for the legalization of abortion. Can Christian women claim to be uninfluenced by the women's rights movement?

Just as Eve tried to deny her culpability in the original sin, so too has the women 's rights movement ignored God's role for women.

The entire women's rights movement was predicated on the fact that men never had an inherent right from God to treat women like chattel. Certainly that is correct. But the women's rights movement has raised the rights of the woman up to the level that the woman is now proclaimed to have the right to be the one who decides who live and who dies if that person is in the womb of the woman. Much of Christian women's response to legalized abortion can be explained if, at some deep level of consciousness, Christian women agree that no women should be forced to carry a child to term unless she wants that child.

If Christian women have that foundational premise in common with pagan women, then protecting legalized abortion rather than abolishing it makes perfect sense. Not only that, but protecting the murderer from prosecution would become mandatory because the mother who kills her child would not be a murderer in the eyes of the women's rights movement but more accurately a champion of women's rights and a beneficiary of the women's rights movement.

This would explain why for 38 years and counting Christian women have done everything in their power to stop anybody who advocated, much less used, the power of the sword to abolish legalized abortion. This would explain why Christian women have reached near unanimity in using the vaginal vortex to keep their men from even thinking about going to war over legalized abortion.

It would also explain why Christian men who claim to speak for the pro-life movement would do everything in their power to destroy my ministry in the way Alan Keyes did on national television. But it wouldn't explain why Christian men let Christian women get away with it. What follows is that explanation.

How Christian Women Use the Script of Chivalry To Control Their Men

Christian women use the script of chivalry and its taboos to lead men around like a bull with a ring in its nose, except the ring is not in the bull's nose.

As soon as males--not just Christian males, all males--in the western world emerge from their mother's womb they begin to be trained in the ways of chivalry.

T. William (Bill) Altermatt, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Psychology,
Hanover College defines his academic life this way: "In my research, I examine a cultural script that I have labeled "chivalry," characterized by themes of men protecting and providing for women."

It's not necessary to go into the long and enormously influential history of chivalry in western civilization to sense the significance of Altermatt's choice for his Psychology career path. In a study called "The Effect of Chivalry on the Perceptions of Men and Women" Altermatt summarized his findings, "High-chivalry male characters were perceived as significantly more agentic, warm, and (among female participants) physically attractive than the same characters in low-chivalry condition." This to Altermatt, "suggests that chivalry is very rewarding for men in terms of social approval."

On the other hand Altermatt finds that "High-chivalry female characters were perceived as significantly less independent than the same characters in a a low-chivalry condition." To Altermatt these findings, "Suggest that chivalry puts women at a disadvantage by making them appear less independent than if they had not received chivalrous treatment."

It's easy to see that Professor Altermatt has never spent much time studying conservative Christian circles. In that subculture Christian women have learned to take chivalry and the impulses of chivalry and have learned to convert chivalry not to make themselves "less independent" but instead to turn the impulses of chivalry into the Christian woman's primary method of man control.

To see my point you only need to acknowledge the obvious: Everyone knows that conservative Christian women are apt to accept men opening doors for them and conservative Christian men are apt to be influenced to be door openers for ladies. That is chivalry on a small scale. While among Christians there may be a growing willingness to accept women in roles of official leadership, for the most part women still are unofficially influential and their men pride themselves on the fact that their women accept that unofficial role. And in return Christian women openly train the men who love them--and their men accept the training willingly--to see themselves as the protectors of their women and of women in general.

Now to get an idea of where this is headed focus on the fact that the people who I contend are murdering the most vulnerable innocent members of this society are women--each and every one of them are women who murder their babies in "safe and legal abortion".

Now think for a second how men who have been trained from their earliest moments on earth to embrace the chivalric role of men with women will be confused at the deepest level of their being by the fact that I contend women are murderers who must be arrested and punished if they abort their children.

To put what I'm saying in perspective focus on what Professor Altermatt has found to be the primary defining characteristic of chivalry: "Chivalry can be thought of as a cultural script--like the script of a play, chivalry describes the behaviors expected from particular actors in particular contexts. In the chivalry script, men are expected to give preferential treatment to women in the contexts of protection and provision," Altermatt concludes.

The code of chivalry is so strong among conservative Christian families because women make it that way. Christian women have created a taboo that enforces this code of chivalry within conservative Christian groupings because women can use the power they are given as the object of protections to control their men in exactly the same way Eve controlled Adam.


A cursory glance at history shows that the role of women went from chattel property of men to the highest pinnacle of worldly power. It took millennia. for the role reversal to occur, but occur it did. The political changes are seen to occur fastest in the USA since the period between the American Civil War and today. But the social changes began long before that in the Age of Chivalry.

In that age women were placed on a Pedestal. While their status as the legal property of men was not altered, an ideal was communicated in the minds of the people of Europe that raised the feminine image to the highest place of beauty, goodness and desirability. The role of the Knight became defined as the protection of the women and children who would become the women of tomorrow.

In our present generation in the USA, the slaughter of the least of God's offspring in this nation has resulted in what is called the pro-life movement's well-known non-violent opposition to legalized abortion, which is the name of the method of murder unleashed against the people men of God have a duty to protect.

But for nearly twenty years a few Christians have realized that the pro-life movement's methods of response are totally inappropriate for the evil that is occurring. Those Christians have literally revolted against the government in the USA that authorizes abortion and have taken armed action to assassinate the government agents who are murdering the offspring of God, the human fruit of God in violation of His Will.

The pro-life movement instead of explaining why those men of God were the forerunners of an Army of God that would bring this world to war rather than continue to allow the wholesale slaughter of the least of God's children, have instead defined the men and women who were trying to protect God's children as evil men and women who have no standing among the people of God.

That is a lie: those men and women who attacked the abortion industry were sent by God to show this nation what was coming unless legalized abortion was stopped. The men and women who attacked the abortion industry were the forerunners of an army that God is raising, an army that will bring war to this nation unless legalized abortion is stopped.

Giving Up The Orgasm And Becoming An Eunuch To Defend Unborn Babies

Now that I have lived in an orgasm free zone for years since my wife decided to cut me off from her by divorcing me, I have reached a place where I can see that what the Lord is teaching me about being a eunuch for the kingdom of heaven's sake might be the key to the ministry of Jesus Christ on earth today and must try to explain it.

First, everybody must get over the surprise that the Lord Jesus Christ would be calling men to become eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven sake today.

If this subject sounds surprising to you, the subject has been a total surprise to me. Even though I believed I had surrendered to Jesus Christ to be the Lord of my life nearly forty years ago, the idea had never crossed my mind that God might want me to give up the orgasm which is the defining characteristic of the eunuch.

After all, I am a Protestant. And Protestants long ago overcame the idea that there was some special purpose in men not getting married. (Please keep in mind that marriage among Christians is fundamentally an opportunity for men to legally have orgasms--and all that entails.) As a young Protestant Christian I was taught that Protestants were not only allowed to get married but marriage for Protestant men of God had become an integral part of the ministry by making Protestant pastors the authorities on God's plan for marriage. From the time of Martin Luther onward, Protestant Pastors all tended to be married and could speak with the authority of experience, whereas Catholic Priests were perceived by Protestants to be inexperienced teachers who lacked the vital experience necessary to know what they were talking about when it came to the subject of marriage and the sexual matters. Among Protestants, as far as I know, there was never a peep that God might have a special purpose in creating eunuchs who not only did not get married but did not have orgasms at all, men of God who lived in an orgasm free zone exactly like eunuchs.

In fact the Protestant Christian Pastor has become the prototype for the Christian male who thinks he is in charge when in reality he is an orgasm addict who will do whatever it takes--even tolerate the legalized slaugher of the least of God's children, even tolerate the legalization of homosexaality--if that is what it takes to keep his legally allowed orgasm provider near and happy at all times. The woman does not lie when she repeats the old saw, "If mama's not happy, nobody's happy."

Given the power of the orgasm is there a way a man of God can actually be delivered from that addiction?

I'll tell you how the Lord not only showed me I could keep my hands off myself but refrain from looking for another sexual partner to replace my last ex-wife. He began by proving to me that He could prevent what is called nocturnal emissions, vulgarly known as wet dreams. It was when I was in jail for defending the name of Christ Jesus from attack by Elton John who called Him a sodomite that the Lord woke me up one night when a succubus totally intent on bringing me to an orgasm visited me in my jail cell in my dreams. One minute I'm asleep and this totally fulfilling sexual dream is taking over my body, then the next minute I'm awake praying to my God which totally interrupted my nocturnal emission. What's going on? I say. That's when the Lord began to teach me what it means to be chosen to be an eunuch for the kingdom of heaven's sake.

Obviously putting a stop to the orgasm is the fundamental requirement of a eunuch for the kingdom of heaven's sake. But I am saying putting an end to the orgasm could be the key to combating the legalized murder and legalized idolatry bringing the world to the threshold of hell.

But nowhere is there a coherent Christian plan to bring the orgasm under control. Nowhere, that is, except among Christian men who realize that the Lord Jesus Christ was talking to them when He talked about becoming a eunuch for the kingdom of heaven's sake.

As I'm sure you can imagine, most Christian men think this is the most ridiculous idea they've ever heard. Check where they get that idea from and I'm certain you will see it is not from the Lord but from the Christian women leading them around by the ring.

But could you be called by the Lord Jesus Christ to become an eunuch for the kingdom of heaven's sake? Could you be such a Christian man? Then contact me. I need all the fellowship in the Lord I can find.

Join the Eunuchs for Christ today. Become an example of deliverance from the Christian orgasm addiction perpetuating legalized abortion in the USA today.

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